We are a non-profit membership organization dedicated to educating and inspiring New York City family enterprises and their families to build long-term, sustainable enterprises and healthy family relationships.


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To continue helping you with on-going family business immediate and longer-term matters, we are continuing to offer sessions through our online interactive Zoom video sessions in small groups with our expert faculty. We will be announcing more sessions in the coming weeks and months. 

Examples of prior NYCFEC topics have included:

Conducting Effective Family Meetings
How to Have Difficult Family Conversations
Managing Family Differences (Part I and II)
Applying Basic Strategies to Address Family Conflict
Building a Healthy Culture Across the Family Enterprise
Developing a Framework for Inclusive Family and Family Enterprise Workplace Policies
Developing Appreciative Inquiry, Ethical Wills, Heritage and Legacy Documents Reflecting Family Cultures
Diversity and Cultural Influences on NYC Families and Their Enterprises
Embedding Your Family Values
Family Business Boards (Introduction)
Family Business Boards (Part I and II)
Family Business Trusts and Trusteeship (Part I and II)
Family Conflict – What are Your Options?
Family Entrepreneurship and Family Banks
Having Difficult Family Conversations: How Families Can Address Difficult Subjects
How to Build an Advanced, Sustainable Family Enterprise System
How to Foster Cross-Cultural and Interfaith Relations and Dialog
Making Family Decisions Together
Making Work and Life Work for You and Others
Managing Family Conflict Series (Part I, II and III)
Privately-Held Business Governance
Professionalizing Your Family Business (Introduction)
Raising Family Business Children
Refining Your Conflict Skills
Succession Planning for a Global, Family Business
Transferring Your Family Business
Understanding Cultural Differences and Influences from Around the World
Understanding Family Conflict
Performance Metrics for Family Businesses
Developing your life’s vision
How to conduct effective family meetings
Family business innovation
Protecting your business upon death, divorce or separation
Improving communication skills

NYCFEC is continuing to expand its educational sessions and topics, as well as its core curriculum to address the wide range of needs for family business boards, all family members, management, shareholders, trustees and key constituencies, as well as NYCFEC Special Interest Groups.

NYCFEC members holding active passports attend free. First-time NYCFEC attendees may use code "FT051" for a discount. JOIN NYCFEC’s community of family businesses and receive a free assessment, more NYCFEC sessions for free, and join a special interest group of like peers.

Given the near-term challenges many NYC area family businesses are facing, NYCFEC would like to hear from you, as to what help you need and would like to discuss with experts via teleconferencing or interactive online sessions over the near-term. Please email your suggestions to info@nycfec.org.

Please note that NYC recently announced that eligible small businesses with less than five employees could receive a grant covering forty percent of payroll costs for two months to help retain employees. Companies with fewer than one hundred employees who can document a 25% loss in customer receipts because of the coronavirus may be eligible for interest-free loans up to $75,000. You may find some of the following links helpful: 


Protecting yourself, your family, business, and all of your constituencies (ie. customers, employees, suppliers, and community) will help everyone move forward faster.


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