We are a non-profit membership organization dedicated to educating and inspiring New York City family enterprises and their families to build long-term, sustainable enterprises and healthy family relationships.

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What People Say

“I have attended many industry/business related conferences and have participated in many advisory board groups with other business executives and owners.  None have provided the education, tools, support and understanding of what it’s like growing up, transitioning and professionalizing a family business, like NYCFEC.” 

 “I definitely learned something and feel that everyone else did too. There’s a need in the market for this sort of education and forums for exchange. I’m excited for the next meeting and so looking forward to working with both of you.”  

 “If you're a New York family business, join NYCFEC. I attended their inaugural forum several days ago, and I can't remember hearing better speakers, making more friends, or coming away with more actionable information. This organization is a 10!” – From a family member of two very large family businesses.

 “As an owner-operator of a Mom-and-Pop retail business in New York City, I feel so fortunate to have found NYCFEC.  Having attended five varied sessions, I have been thoroughly impressed by the Center. The commitment to its mission to help family-owned businesses is steadfast. I highly recommend NYCFEC to any family entrepreneurs, as a place to find answers, share ideas and feel supported.”  

“The information provided is the best quality and no solicitation!”

“That was a truly great session! You’re doing an incredible job of fostering transference of knowledge and providing valuable information. Just wanted to say GREAT JOB!”

“I personally found the session very helpful. I think you have a wonderful organization”

“They have been extremely helpful thus far.”

“… really learned a lot … I think what you are doing is really important”

“group revealed a hunger for a safe place for talking … a place where they could speak freely and confidentially …a place where they could vent a bit”

“a place where they could describe their efforts and frustrations without judgment … “

“and a place where they could get some practical ideas that they could use themselves to start to address their own situations”

“The energy was great and discussion lively. All attendees were thoughtful and open-minded – exceptional group.”

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